3 Best free video editing apps for Android_iOs device

Filming equipments from mobile devices are able to create good visual content. Video editing is the skill you can say … nowadays.. so we have to learn how to edit a video to make a worth watching of a video.

Boomm!!!!___3 Best video editing apps

{a} FilmaroGo
{b} Adobe Premiere Clip
{c} KineMaster

1. FilmaroGo :

If you are beginner to YouTube  then this app you should download it now.  Best feature to edit a video you can get in this app like Background music, Transaction of two or more videos, HD quality video, hundreds of free overlays, 100 of free filters, brightness adjustment, colour theme, cropping of video, elements insertion like starts, balloons,etc, clip arts insert, add title and subtitles, banners, light adjustment and many more things. The mesmerising part is you can make a beautiful video from photos without any difficulty…You just have to select photos and that’s it . In addition to that photos you can add clip art and make content video or educational videos and many more. The Best part is it’s FREE app for both Android and iOS device. Recommended app from my side. It is available in Google play store for free. Top rated till now because it doesn’t leave a watermark or any clip of it name.

Steps to get started:

[1] Select – Photos and videos from gallery, albums, Facebook, or Instagram.
[2] Create – Pick a Theme, add your favourite Music, Filters, and Titles and even Transitions.
[3] Share – Save to your gallery, or instantly share on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip :

Adobe premiere clip should be a top consideration if you are editing video on android device.You would find professional editing tool on desktops. There is no limit of video length. If you want to take your video to next level by adding picture to picture, complex transition, adding music to the background,etc.then this app I recommend for you. This app is also like magical app, which don’t allow you to all things manually like other apps want you to do. In this you just have to select and adjust the preference of video series to want to play and then here comes an automatic video maker option to give you a ready project. If someone don’t want automatically made video then here you can select freeform option to make by your choice video project. It’s also FREE app from google play store.

Steps to get started:
[1] Start or open a project.
[2] Capture and import video and audio.
[3] Assemble and refine a sequence.
[4] Add titles.
[5] Add transitions and effects.
[6] Mix Audio.
[7] Export or save.

3. KineMaster : 

For serious video editors, this is probably the best app for you that you will find in your mobile. It support great features like adding true split-screen, colour LUT filters, multi-track Audios, 3D transitions and lot more. It also provides speed control of video clip, overall sound effects, various themes, animations, handwriting,chroma key, voice recording,etc.
From version 3.0 KineMaster has been extensively redesigned to reflect the latest in Android trends while making ease in editing and paving the way for new upcoming features. Cropping of video further enhances the flexibility of already powerful mobile video editor. It is also available in Free +In-app purchase from Google play store.

Steps to get started:
[1] Select video.
[2] Add music to background with fade-in fade-out sound effect.
[3] Add transitions and effects
[4] Save




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